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Why are you a pesky veggie?

Being a pesky veggie is a lifestyle. As a vegetarian, I've learnt so many different cooking methods, experimented with different foods and ingredients, and to be completely honest, it lead me to my love for nutrition. There are downfalls as being a vegetarian can be limiting, being a pesky veggie I have more options available. I love going to restaurants and having dinner with friends, by incorporating fish into my diet, I don't limit where I go, or who I eat with! There's a social aspect of being a pesky veggie, when I'm out and about with friends and family, I'll give myself the option of eating fish. That's why I'm a pesky veggie. If you have questions about ways to incorporate more plant based foods and how to ween yourself off red meat and move to fish, please contact me


What are the benefits of a pesky veggie diet?

The benefits of being a pesky veggie is all about the versatility. There's always options on a restaurant menu, and vegetables are truly your funhouse where you can mold and create them into anything you want! The good part of being a pesky veggie is that there aren't many restrictions like with other diets. In my experiences travelling, not being able to eat fish or cheese was limiting for the cuisines I wanted to try. So being a pesky veggie allowed me be my adventurous self and try different foods with friends! But all social aspects of being a pesky veggie, there is a benefit to intaking more protein from fish, which are packed with omega fatty acids. Eating fish is a more sustainable way of incorporating protein in comparison to meat (land animals) and it helps to eliminate that craving of meat.

Being a pesky veggie isn't only about the fish, its about the veggies too! There's so many cool vegetarian and vegan recipes that I've used and created. The social aspect of food are a big part of how we eat, and what we eat. If you're able to include friends (who aren't vegetarian or vegan) into your eating environment, then you're not only going to enjoy your food more, you're going to enjoy your friends more too! Let's be socially conscious pesky veggies together!


How can I become a pesky veggie?

Becoming a pesky veggie isn't hard, its SUPER EASY. The lifestyle is something that will come naturally because its that simple. Eating more plant-based foods seems daunting and near impossible for most people but its not an overnight process. Pesky veggies are adaptable and versatile individuals, so take your time. Start by going vegetarian/vegan for one day a week, then make it two days or three days. Eventually you'll see yourself not even craving meat. The off days from your newly found vegetarianism (1-4 days a week) eat fish or shellfish as a substitute. Its a great way to get the protein you're craving! The cool part about eating fish is that you can buy local fish in most places, I live in the prairies and we still have locally caught fish! Come on and give the pesky veggie lifestyle a try. Have questions? Need more info? Contact me!

 How is being a pesky veggie good for the environment?








I'm open to new ideas on how to reduce waste, please let me know if you have any suggestions! Being pescatarian is more environmentally conscious than eating meat (land animals) and you're not limited to just eating seafood, you're also eating A LOT of veggies! A plant-based diet is a sustainable, and easy diet to follow.  

The environment has always been a passion of mine. As inhabitants of this planet, we have the option to make a choice in the manner of how we protect our world. The pesky veggie lifestyle aims towards sustainability and diversity while "feeding" your social needs. The good part about fishing is that you have the choice to know where your fish is caught, by whom and how. I've traveled to many islands in the Caribbean and Hawaii, where we caught our fish that morning for dinner, there are options like that available all over the globe. Where you can choice to eat local or sustainability caught seafood. I want to protect the worlds oceans to the best of my ability by creating awareness for sustainably fishing and waste management. 

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